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Co2 Incubator

Co2 Incubator

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A CO2 incubator is a laboratory equipment used for the growth and maintenance of cell cultures, tissues, and microorganisms under controlled environmental conditions. The incubator provides a stable and controlled environment for cells and tissues to grow, reproduce, and maintain their normal physiological functions.

The incubator works by regulating the temperature, humidity, and carbon dioxide (CO2) levels within the chamber. The temperature is usually set between 30C to 40C, and the humidity is maintained at a high level to prevent the cells from drying out. The CO2 level is controlled using a sensor and is typically set between 3% to 10% to maintain the pH of the medium and provide a suitable environment for the cells to grow.

CO2 incubators come in different sizes and designs, and can range from small benchtop models to larger walk-in chambers. They are usually made of stainless steel or aluminum and have insulated walls to maintain the temperature and prevent heat loss. They also have a transparent door and inner chamber for easy observation of the cells without disrupting the environment.

CO2 incubators are widely used in cell biology research, drug development, and biotechnology applications. They are essential tools in many research laboratories for studying cellular processes, cell signaling, and gene expression. They are also used in the production of vaccines, recombinant proteins, and monoclonal antibodies.

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